Counter Culture

by Another White Suburbanite

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released December 14, 2012

Written by Bradley Rohlf
Produced, recorded and mixed by Rob Krosley
Mastered by Josh Koterba at Ursa Major Studios



all rights reserved


Another White Suburbanite St Louis, Missouri

It was bound to happen. Another White Suburbanite is playing his piano and singing songs about life as he knows it. Rife with social commentary and bourgeois angst, this product of the self-esteem movement will make you so mad you want to laugh about it. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
I don’t sweat the small stuff; it’s much too much for me
To worry about some inconsequential trivialities

I don’t sweat the small stuff, like sports and politics
Cause yelling at my television won’t change a thing

I don’t sweat the small stuff

This will all blow over in time
It will all be over, soon as I’m older

I don’t sweat the small stuff, like searching for the one
And chances are she’s out there looking for me anyway

I don’t sweat the small stuff

I don’t sweat the small stuff like where I’m gonna work
Or go to school or what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life

I don’t sweat the small stuff

This will all blow over in time
This will all be over in time
This will all blow over, soon as we’re older
It will all be over, so can’t we all get over it this time

I don’t sweat the small stuff
Track Name: 9 To 5
It’s Monday morning, I can’t wait to see your face
One cup of coffee now my bad dreams are erased
Throw on a wrinkled shirt I picked up off the floor
Soon I’ll be with you I’m headed out the door

Oh, you’re my 9 to 5, you’re the reason I’m alive
Climbing up that corporate ladder’s gonna keep me satisfied

Where are my keys; I can’t afford to be delayed
Ten-thirty meeting, got a Powerpoint display
Bumper to bumper, oh it’s gonna break my heart
Rush hour traffic can’t keep us apart

I'm gonna go to the break room and grab a bagel, but I'm gonna keep my Blackberry on my belt in case I get an important call from the client on the Harrison project, you know, the big one that I'm working on with Jensen from down the hall. What a guy; I like to play racquetball with him at the "Y"

Now Friday afternoon, the week’s about to end
These forty hours have been time well spent, my friend
And I just can’t wait to see you again
I’ll be coming back to you after the weekend
Track Name: Lab Partners
It was the first day of school when we first met
Third hour class and we had – chemistry

The stars aligned, we were randomly assigned
Now we’ll be together for at least the rest of this semester

There’s no tension at all (no tension at all) there’s no tension at all (no romantic intent)
Every moment we spend together is purely academic

It’s nice being lab partners with you
I remember the time you invited me to
Your parents’ house – to study for our upcoming test.

I thought maybe I could bring some snacks
If we got hungry, take a break and relax
Now we’re side-by-side – staying focused on the task at hand

Oh we’re such a good pair
And we’re such a match when we're working together
You're so well organized
And you understand all the concepts
We’re constantly finding ourselves finishing
Each other’s equations
I think think we’ve got a chance at getting an ‘A’
Track Name: You And I
While you were captain of the football team
I was sitting in the bleachers with my comic books
While you were dating the homecoming queen
I was watching firefly for the fifteenth time

You never paid me no mind

While you were driving girls to parties
I was brushing up on intergalactic politics
While you were majoring in make-out arts
I was practicing my lightsaber skills
And while you were making important business contacts
I was inventing a real-life cloaking device

You never paid me no mind

Now since the alien invasion came and destroyed our world
You were enslaved by little green men and now I’ve got the girl
All your efforts were a waste and now I’m president of space
Track Name: We'll Never Fall In Love
Our eyes meet from across the room, and you smile at me
And I begin to wonder what our lives could be: together, forever
But I will never know, ‘cause I won’t get up to meet you
And it’s not that I’m afraid – it’s just apathy

I’m just a lazy son of a gun
I’m much too lazy to fall in love
I will sit on my hands and wait for happenstance to run its course tonight

No I won’t ask you out to dinner
And we won’t have ice cream in the park
And we won’t have jokes that only we know
‘Cause we’ll never meet, and never fall in love.

And I won’t ever meet your father
And we won’t get secretly engaged
And we won’t live happily ever after
‘Cause we’ll never meet, and never fall in love